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By ZoeScott, 06 October 2021 · 97 views

Criminology Criminology is a science that deals with crime and is interrelated with other disciplines such as biology, statistics and psychology. They help to understand and deal with causes, prevention and correction of criminal behavior more effectively. Criminology operates with series of some order, process and network of detecting the criminal and bringing him/her to justice. Thanks to essay about psychology I wrote more aboout it here.
Currently, the Criminal Justice System involves such processes as crime investigation, arrest, complaint, hearings in court, bail, indictment, trial, guilty plea, conviction, and, finally, imprisonment.
The Criminal Justice System network also assists the criminology department in providing a medium to exchange information and developing new and effective strategies for promoting human criminal justice policies in the society. The non-system is one of the several views of Criminal Justice System, according to which, the organizational structure of the Criminal Justice System is non-unified and works independently.
In the Criminal Justice System, the law enforcement officers are the primary component of justice as they appear first in the crime scene, interview, investigate and arrest the criminal. The court system is an institution where legal contentions between parties are adjudicated in accordance with the rule of law. The correction system is the last component of the Criminal Justice System, which establishes punishment and rehabilitation of convicted offenders.
In conclusion, all the foregoing perspectives of the three justice components constitute a true criminal system. Each unit listed cannot perform its duty effectively and efficiently without others. Without the law enforcement officers, no criminal can be trailed, and without the court system, there is no adjudication for the criminal. Besides, without the correction unit, there would not be any punishment for the criminal. The three components, police, courts and correction unit, have a specified and unified goal of bringing law, order and justice in the society.

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