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The Blessing - How Important is It?

By APsit190, in Christian Life, Doctrine, Theology 23 March 2014 · 2,157 views

Currently my pastor is doing a series in Genesis, and has recently completed three messages on Jacob, and revolved around him being (for a lack of a better way of describing it) a con artist in duping his older brother to give him his inheritance, and duping his father by pretending to be Esau, and taking his blessing.

As he shared with us these things, and what happened as a result of Jacob's actions, I could not help notice the extent of just how important the blessing was regarded by the people of that time. And as I thought more on it and began to seriously look at this, the question came to my mind was, "How important do we regard blessing as in our current environment/society; just how important is it?

We see in Scripture we see the following:
  • Jacob conned his father to get it
  • Jacob fought God to receive His Blessing
  • Esau was ready to murder Jacob over it
  • Balaam was bribed to revoke the Aaronic blessing God placed over Israel (See Num 22 and etc)
So, just in these very few instances we can see an importance of the blessing it has one people's lives, and the importance of the meaning the blessing.

In Scripture there are two blessings, (1) the Aaronic Blessing which God commanded Moses to tell Aaron to pronounce over Israel (Num 6:23-27); (2) (what I call) the Church Blessing (Eph 1:3-6), which speaks over all of us. What is the significance of these blessings, and what do they actually do in regards to us as a people of God?

These blessings are pronouncements by God over His people, his Church, or us as Church. These blessings are what gives us legitimacy to the inheritance God has promised us.

When looking at the blessing that Jacob's father place on him, he in all intent and purposes, made Jacob the legitimate heir. It was for this very reason that Esau was murderously angry with his brother because this kind of blessing is irreversible.

The blessing that Aaron placed on the Children of Israel, of which we know so well, could not be reversed by Balaam. In fact so much so that it could not be reversed, that God put out all the stops so that it would not be reversed.

Coming to the blessing of us as church; this blessing is a pronouncement that makes us the legal heirs of everything that God has for us in his Kingdom. The extent of this is it outstrips all the other blessings seen in the Old Testament because it fulfills all of those blessings that was placed over the Children of Israel.

So, just how important is the blessing? Well, when looking at it in this light, I guess that one can only come to the conclusion, its really important that we just can't do without it.


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