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Law, Faith, Grace. Which way to go?!

By APsit190, in Theology, Doctrine 06 October 2013 · 1,524 views

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Dear old Clint, aka, cbb1962 has been going on going on a fair bit about adhering to the law and etc. His posts have been somewhat quite disturbing because the emphasis he places on the law has made me wonder where faith and grace fits in all of this, or does faith and grace fit in what Clint says, or is it left right out?

Clint goes on about the Law of Moses, and reckons that we are still under the law. I noticed that when he quoted from both John's Gospel and his epistles, that he interprets the word "commandments, commands" as being part of the law of Moses. Well, the best I can say about that is this is one of the worst pieces of exegesis I've ever seen. His issues around the Law, and I take it that he means the Torah as used and understood by the Jews, and that which is part of the Tanakh, he really misses the boat.

Firstly, I have no issues with the law, because as Paul put it, we establish (validate) the law by our faith in Christ. This means that we are not under the law as such, but rather the law is lived out because of Christ. Our relationship is with Christ which came about by his atoning work, and not the Law. We are not justified by the law, we are justified by faith (belief) in Christ, and have been justified through his atoning blood, and not the law. Moreover, we have been saved by grace through faith (belief) and not the law. There is nothing there the law could have done. The law doesn't justify anyone, and neither does the law save anyone. And here is really where it is, and how all this is worked out ... I live the law because of the fact that its validated in my life as a result of my believing the atoning work of Christ.

I could have made this blog a lot bigger, but find that is not really needed. I think I covered everything in here that is needed to know.


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