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Sabbath - Seventh day Worship: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SABBATH DAY?

By Ha'Barrabas, 29 September 2020 · 557 views

To conclude my study:
I receive this message of understanding from YAHUAH YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH through the RUACH HA’QODESH. It is saying:

“Worshipping of the hosts of the heaven:
Saturn, Sol/Luna, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are the seven hosts of heaven the world worshipped today.

The Mother of all Churches, the Roman Catholic Church: ‘BABEL THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF THE WHORES AND OF THE ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH’ as YAHUSHA called her are responsible for all the abominations we belief and do!

It is time to wake up people, or do you want to wait until the Fall of Babylon? If you wait until then your minds will be to full of corruption you will probably not believe it either!

The Greek theology teaches you and the whole world. If you just go back to Daniel 2 and find the AntiMashiah power within these chapters and see what is Greeks part within Rome. Greek, the teachers of the world, teaches the world by the authority of Rome, lies (wine out of a cup) and YAHUAH’s children believe it! Come out of her, YAHUAH said!

Scripture tells us that YAHUAH creates earth within 7days, and mentioned “the first day” not Sunday, “the second day” not Monday, “the third day” not Tuesday…….and “the seventh day” not Saturday!


Because Saturday is not the seventh day! The creation of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all days created as days to honour the hosts of heaven and Yahudah’s sin (see 2 Kings 21)! Yes, brother, all worlds are busy with Baal worship and the sins of Yahudah became our sin.
Yes, Sabbath was the Mark of YAHUAH’s authority on Yisra’ĕl once, but in the New Covenant YAHUSHA became the Sign between YAHUAH and Adam (man)! Face it: What was Sabbath all about? What does the Voice of YAHUAH told you?
‘Sabbath is the high point of 6 days work: For six days you shall work, but the seventh day you rest! The seventh day all Yisra’ĕl comes together at the Tabernacle (the image of YAHUSHA) to bring their weekly offerings! On the seventh day all priests (sons of Aharon) came together under the authority of YAHUAH to sacrifice to YAHUAH’ (read about it in the Books of Exodus and Leviticus).

YAHUSHA came, the sacrificial Lamb of our sin came and sacrifice Himself and fulfilled the purpose of the Tabernacle which were built by hands. YAHUAH built another one (which is spiritual) and the only way how you and I could enter it, is through YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH our Gate [to the courtyard], our Door [to the Tent of Assembly] and the Vail which were torn into pieces by Yah (god) Himself. YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH is the Way to YAHUAH for the priests of His assembly. All who beliefs in the Name of YAHUAH YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH are according to Peter’s teachings, Priests of YAHUAH YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH.

‘Come out of her’, YAHUAH advised you!!!

Which day is Sabbath then? Every day is Sabbath within the Body of YAHUAH YAHUSHA HA’MASHIAH! YAHUSHA is the Rest (MattithYahu 11:28-30)! He is the Sabbath!

Wow... Stop!

Saturday Sabbath?

Sunday Sabbath?

Seventh day...... What du hell?

Is it really important to worship upon a specific day or did God brought-forth a BETTER COVENANT to worshipped?


If you carefully read through John 1 you will see that ''the son'' which was brought-forth is actually THE WORD OF THE MOST HIGH CREATOR. He is actually GOD HIMSELF.

God came in the form of a WORD (Voice) and became FLESH and was conceived within a woman and was born as a human-being. He was Scripturally called YAHUSHA (which means God Save), and latter called by the pagan Jesus. Although, this Jesus image, by the pagan movement was something completely different (for that see Revelation 13, the part which warns of the image which was created).

Please STUDY the attached file carefully and let the RUACH ha'Qodesh (The Set Apart Breath of God) guide you to TRUTH. For that is whereto everything leads TRUTH and LIFE.


He wrote:"and latter called by the pagan Jesus."


New Testament writers wrote in Greek and that is the name they used.


English and Latin name Jesus is a transliteration of that name.


This person writing these blogs has a serious delusion, thinking that his mispronounced Hebrew is the only way to call on God and Jesus. His doctrine comes from the sacred name movement.


Do research on it.

The name Jesus exists from the time when Constantine came into power, or actually from the time we he tried to unite the Mashiah believers with the Roman-Greece idol worshippers. The older translations of Scripture mentioned the Name Yahusha NOT Yahushua but Yahusha Yod-Hay-Aleph-Shin-Ayin.
Tell me Steve, how is it that a Jewish boy was called by a Roman/Greece name? A Jewish boy whom speak Aramaic according to Scripture. If God had decided to call Himself Iesous (Jesus) would it not be blasphemy? Blasphemy because His name would command the Jews to worshipped Zeus, for Iesous means ''Hail Zeus". Zeus was Rome's number One idol at that time.

Once again, you err in your facts.

Greek was the universal language well before Jesus was born here on earth.

It doesn't matter that his given name is Yeshua as pronounced by modern Jews.

Greek is the manuscript language used by God to spread the good news to both Israel and the rest of the world.


Yeshua, if that is the correct pronunciation and we have no way to verify how Moses would have pronounced Hebrew during his time, is transliterated during the time frame in the Greek ~300 to 200 AD (edit: this should be ~300 to 200 BC) in the Septuagint Greek translation.

The first time it is used in that OT Greek is referring to Joshua (English), later to other variations of the Hebrew word, such as Jeshua (English), and there could be other variations I am not aware of.


Do you really think Hebrew translators during that time would have used a Zeus god for that name?

And even if they did, it doesn't matter.


The point being, expand you understanding about who God really is.

He had many times throughout history brought about his purposes using good/evil governments/institutions.


God was not wringing his hands since the ascension of Jesus, trying to figure out how to get his message to the world, waiting 1900+ years for the sacred name movement to figure out how to get his name proclaimed.


No, he used the ancient super-precision adjusted to his specifications Greek language to carry his message to the world through evil/good governments/institutions to the nations.


Listen to me...God knows all languages, he understands them and he knows how to keep his written word through time so that those who want to seek him, no matter what language they speak in, can obtain knowledge about him and the gospel.


So please, Enlarge your understanding about the Almightly, all-knowing, at every place present God.

I cannot state just how incredibly awesome this being is...I am at a lose for words.

At the same time, with his incredible power, we should have a healthy godly fear (or reverence) toward him.


But not only that but he extends mercy and forgiveness to us...a pitiful sin-ridden people.

The only logical thing for us to do is commune with him, embrace him in our inner being, practice asking for forgiveness of our sins...to put our faith in Jesus that he paid the price for our sins.

For those that are confused by the first part of first post in the topic.

The English names of the weekdays are pagan and based on the sun, moon and planets (that represent the main pagan gods)
Thursday or "thunder-day" is based on the gods of thunder and lightning (Thor, Zeus/Jupiter) that are also the name of the planet Jupiter.


The Sabbath starts Friday at sunset and ends at Saturday by sunset. (not at Saturday only).
The Biblical calendar use for the weekdays a number from one to six and for the Seventh day has it the name "Sabbath".

(first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, Sabbath)

The word Sabbath is based on rest or cease (H7673) and seven (H7651)
Bible sources in Greek, Latin and Aramaic using the word "Sabbath": not Saturday nor Saturn-day.
Because the Saturday is indeed not the Sabbath.

The "Monday" in Modern Greek is Δευτέρα (second [day]) what means that the "Sunday" was rather the first day of the week (not the seventh day as many Christians claiming).
But the question is if the early Christians counted from midnight to midnight as the pagan Romans did.
Because the early Christians using the translation of Sabbath instead of Saturn-day so they use the Biblical method of weekdays.
So the original Δευτέρα that started at the previous sunset for the early Christians.


Many old editions of dictionaries write that "Monday" is the "second day" of the (Roman) week,
but some modern editions changed it to because they are forced to follow the international standard ISO 8601 that change Monday to the first day of the (Roman) week to make Sunday the seventh day.


There are 7 annual Sabbaths:
15th Nisan(Abib), 21th Nisan(Abib), Pentecost, 1th Tishrei(Ethanim), 10th Tishrei(Ethanim), 15th Tishrei(Ethanim), 22th Tishrei(Ethanim).

The 15th Tishrei(Ethanim) starts now at sunset as the weekly Sabbath: that is the start of the Festival of Tabernacles.

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