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Is His Name important?

By All about His Name, 31 May 2019 · 177 views

Haai everyone

I am looking for a Afrikaans Hebrew Scripture. I am currently reading about "Jesus Christus", "die Here" and "God", and it is frustrating because 1) The Son of Yah is not called Jesus Christ, but YAHUSHA HA'MASHIAH; 2) The words " the Lord" or 'die Here" does not refers to YAHUAH Yah but it means in Hebrew Baal; 3) YAHUAH Yah's Name is not God but Yah.

I am currently reading out of the HalleluYah Scripture, but its all in English. Afrikaans sound SO MUCH better.

Where can I find a editable document of the 1933 or 1953 Scripture? To rewrite the Scripture will take a lifetime!!!


From Carlo

Names is very important to us, and the current pronunciation of our name are more important to us. But what about the Most High Mighty One, does He also feel the same, like us, regarding the pronunciation of His qodesh (set apart) Name? If Adam called the Most High Mighty One YAHUAH Yah, who am I to call Him God? There are more the 500 Million "gods" on the rock, which one of them do you call God? The Most High Mighty One said that He is the only Mighty One, which means that there are more then 499 Million idol which are esteemed as Gad and only One which is the Every Existing One (YAHUAH). What do you think? Please give me a piece of your mind? Shalom
So many wise people full of Scripture knowledge, but not one have a answer for me????
Jdg 13:18 Yahweh’s angel replied, “Why do you ask me my name? It is too marvelous.”
Gen 32:29 Jacob said, “Now, please tell me your name!” The man replied, “Why do you ask me what my name is?” But he blessed Jacob there. 

Ek dink dit is dalk die antwoord. Soek Hom eers op jou kniee.

Nice answer for a "sinful Christian" like me: Iyob spreek met sy vriend [wat gekom het om hom te help] maar deur sy (Dis Iyob) se alweetenheid staan hy sy vriend teen om teen hom (nie teen Yah nie) te stry. In die geval van Ya'aqob (Jacob): Hy het verkeert gehandel teen sy broer en teen sy skoonpa en het daarom met YAHUAH geworstel (vestry) vir 'n blessing! Geworstel om geregverdig te word vir dit wat hy gedoen het. YAHUAH was Hom genadig, want dit iscWiíe YAHUAH is, 'n GENADIGE YAH.

These two verse (Iyob 13:18 en Genesis 32:29) are the typical answer for the worldly Christendom, but still we stand against the Word of Yah!!! (Seek the verses where Yah actually inspire you to know His Name).

Did YAHUAH not say, "I shall make My qodesh Name known in the midst of My people YisraYah, and not let My qodesh Name be profaned any more. And the gentriles shall know that I am YAHUAH, the Qodesh One in YisraYah."

This Israel is not the same then the fleshly nation, it is the qodesh nation which have the Qodesh Name of the Yah Shaddai all along.

So, my dear friend, to quote from your most humanly human condition are only a normal act for a sinful heart!

We need to seek YAHUAH in the secrecy of the RUACH HA'QODESH, for there will will be qodesh in Him.

Op die kniee is die minste van jou problems! Ons almal is op ons kniee, same worship YAHUAH Yah YAHUSHA Ha'Mashiah through His Qodesh Name while the rest of the world is stuck will the pagan name Jesus the Lord [which means Hail Zeus the Baal] (See H1168 for the meaning of the world "the Lord" from a Hebrew perspective).

But still do not take MY WORD to follow TRUTH but go to the set apart (qodesh) place and seek the MIGHTY One who created the Qodesh place in the Wilderness (see Hazon/Revelation 12:14-15).

Shalom, and may YAHUAH leads you to Him!

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