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Wycliffe bible with modern spelling

By druemac, 07 May 2019 · 1,244 views

Scripture New Testament
I notice that Mysword has the Wycliffe bible in a modern spelling translation..I have not seen one in biblesupport for e-sword?I suppose Iam looking for  clementine Vulgate to English interlinear..I know Logos has such a beast! but the Wycliffe modern English would suffice..I use the Douay Rheims since it reflects the Vulgate but it has other textual interpolations..any thoughts any one?

The blog generally isn't the place to post your question however I have a few comments. I looked up the Logos Latin-English Interlinear and although I don't use Logos at all, I believe if one already uses Logos, this is the way to go by buying the module for it. Latin resources are very scarce so one is looking more or less at specialty items. As far as I know, there is no Latin English Interlinear for free software. But it looks like you likely don't want to go that route so I have a few other alternatives. You can run the esword software in parallel or compare mode and use Rheims or download the Catholic Public Domain Version module. If you know Greek, you can run compare Greek with the Latin and learn quite a bit. There is also the Vulgate Latin-English Dictionary And Vulgate New Testament Latin English Dictionary modules here: http://www.biblesupp...ish-dictionary/ Though this dictionary isn't the perfect solution, one can learn Latin using it. Or you can do what I am doing and that is make you own Latin English Interlinear. But I am months away from completing the 1st draft. But if you need a scholarly work, need it right now, my first suggestion at the top of the page is the way to go. You will be $50 poorer and the scholar and Logos will be a little richer but it looks like a good product. (However, I haven't seen this product) (And I don't plan on paying money for modules)

Thanks for that..yes the Logos appears to be the way to go , but after using E-sword for so long I tend to want my digital "stuff" on one program and not spread about!..What I was wanting was a Clementine Vulgate, which Esword already has with an interlinear in English so as to use it as a textual witness source..I have used the Rheims and though it is handy it does veer away from the Vulgate...hence the Wycliffe version which should follow the Clementine a lot better and is an earlier witness..the esword module is in archaic English and spelling which can make it a labor to follow hence my wonder as to why the android version in MYsword has a modern spelling english version? I will keep an eye out for your particular effort

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