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The View From The Bottom

By dogfish, 21 January 2019 · 2,242 views

Living a Christian Life Devotional
Being unemployed, homeless, hitting rock bottom, is not very much fun. I know because I was there once not too long ago. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had lost virtually everything I owned, spent time in shelters, wandered the streets looking for things to get me thru the day, begging, even had to sleep in a park for a while. It was rough going, but I know it could have been much worse. I could have lost more. I could even have lost my faith and turned against God, but instead I used the time to get to know The Lord better - much of it in libraries. I learned some things, but this isn't about me. It's about never letting go of your faith, and people that are on the edge.

'... for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. ' (Heb 13:5)

It amazed me how insignificant and invisible you become, but you adapt. Most people tend to turn away from you - maybe even walk on the other side of the street - because they have better things to do or want nothing to do with someone not looking so hot and carrying stuff in a bag (which is usually all of their worldly possessions). A few people may keep an eye on you, but only because they think you're just a derelict looking for trouble or who knows what. I met many people out there who were previously better off than I was. Respectable, educated, leaders, had a great job and a good life, and now they too had fallen 'off the grid'.

Initially, I wondered where 'the church' was and why they didn't seem to be helping anybody. I found it in the shelters. They were the ones providing everything they possibly could to the needy - food, clothing, a bed, a roof, their time, and much more. Thanks be to God, again and always.

Homeless shelters can be a vital help if you're out of options, but they are not a permanent fix, and I can guarantee you that there are more people trying to get into them than they can possibly hold. If you come across one of those (they're out there) I would encourage you to think a moment and offer help if you can. They always need something - even prayer - and they do appreciate every little thing. If you are actually living in a shelter right now and are reading this: never give up !

'For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.'  (Hos 6:6)

~dogfish 1.21.19

We should never be so busy that we cannot give someone a helping hand.


As my dad always said "There but for the Grace of God go you or I". 

Amen.  I believe most 'busyness' is self inflicted - like do we need to be connected on our devices all day ? Really.

Same Kind of Different as Me




Read the book and watched the movie.  A very interesting take on homelessness.

I thought Ialready left a note, but it's not  here. 


I feel your situation. I had an encounter with a homeless man just as you describe yourself.  Was it you? I'm in Florida! Anyway, he taught me more about lving a real spiritual life than a 100 sermons ever could.  Now I spend my spare time looking for these guys. Sometimes they bless me a whole lot more than I'm able to bless them! One old lady pushing a cart of bags of "stuff" didn't want to take the food I was offering because she didn't want to be selfish...and she was living in the woods! Then she starts telling me about Jesus! Talk about blessed! Wow!


Thanks for sharing brother.

Jesus said we will always have the poor among us. Maybe just to remind us that 'hey, you don't have it that bad'.

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