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Using E-Sword Grk2Heb module

By Thargist, 12 September 2018 · 1,750 views

I have been manually comparing the occurrence of G622 in the Septuagint to the MT equivalent. I have 'discovered' H6 and H7 as a Hebrew 'equivalent' but neither of these appear in the Dictionary page for Hebrew equivalents to G622.

Here is the list I receive when inputting G622

ap ollumi H343 ed
ap ollumi H622 asaph
ap ollumi H1104 bala pi.
ap ollumi H1478 gava
ap ollumi H1696 davar pi.
ap ollumi H1949 hum
ap ollumi H2026 harag
ap ollumi H2763 charam hi.
ap ollumi H3423 yarash qal,hi
ap ollumi H3582 kachad ni.
ap ollumi H3615 kalah qal,pi
ap ollumi H3772 karat ni,hi
ap ollumi H3782 kashal ni
ap ollumi H3807 katat hi.
ap ollumi H3947 laqach
ap ollumi H4191 mut qal,ho
ap ollumi H5034 navel pi.
ap ollumi H5080 nadach ni,hi
ap ollumi H5221 nakhah hi.
ap ollumi H5595 saphah qal,ni
ap ollumi H5647 avad qal,pi,hi,pe
ap ollumi H5678 evrah
ap ollumi H5737 adar ni.
ap ollumi H5916 akhar ni
ap ollumi H6213 asah
ap ollumi H6213 asah nevalah im
ap ollumi H6555 parats
ap ollumi H6937 qadar
ap ollumi H7665 shavar
ap ollumi H7673 shavat ni,hi
ap ollumi H7703 shadad qal,pu
ap ollumi H7843 shachat pi,hi
ap ollumi H7923 shikkulim
ap ollumi H8045 shamad ni,hi
ap ollumi H8074 shamem hi.
ap ollumi H8327 sharash pi.
ap ollumi H8552 tamam

Being a Newbie as far as LXX investigation is concerned. Is there something I'm NOT doing...ie. where are H6 and H7 in the results?

I have been looking at the text of the LXX+ and there does not appear to be many codes that relate to apollumi or its cognates. The system gives parsing details but no Strong reference.

"equivalent" careful using this term because language does not work as word for word "equivalent".   No two languages are interchangeable.  Hebrew is more general and more than one greek word is its "equivalent".  This why some interpreters can get it incorrect.  Hebrew mishpachah family/ tribe can mean greek ethnos gentile or nation.  However, to say that we should read gentile or nation into greek phulÄ“ tribe because phulÄ“ is "equivalent" Hebrew mishpachah family/ tribe is wrong.  One example

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