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E.L. Davis

By Pastor Joe, 05 September 2018 · 1,941 views

Does anyone know of or about E.L. Davis, how sound is he, and what denomination is he a part of. I have some materials of his, and a few books, but they don't saw who he is, or anything about him. Thanks Pastor Joe

Did a google search but only found one listing. 


Bible Study Courses
www.biblestudycourses dot net/

Bible Study Courses. E.L. Davis. Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...teaching them". "best viewed in 800 by 600 resolution ...

Just contact them via email, snail mail, or telephone...  Someone has to be picking up the mail at that PO Box, and St. Marys is a really small town in Northern Ohio...so one of the local pastors would know if you called them.


Good News Ministries

P.O. Box 522

St. Marys  Ohio  45885 - USA

After a quick search, at least on his integrity, (E.L.Davis)

I was able to at least except that some of his teachings were very sound and spot on.

Though only one video sermon came up on 'Salvation' he did have a for the most part sound Doctrinal Bible study.

I do not except some of his teachings on the Last days, as I do not except the rapture being taught in most churches these days. (It is not Biblically sound.)

(It is possible he has passed away.)


I looked over his bible studies/ He is Pentecostal with sound doctrine for the most part. However I agree with Teetop concerning the rapture

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