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Afrikaans 1983 Version

By Mathys, 13 April 2021 · 1,017 views

I lost mine - can somebody PLEASE help!

You can also download additional resources using the "Download" menu within e-Sword.

Hello Mathys,
When you look in the e-Sword on option Download, and option Bibles, and browse to Afrikaans, you will see Afrikaans OV and Afrikaans NV. The Afrikaans Nuwe Vertaling requires your Email Address and Product Key. If you cannot remember that, select the option Recover Product Key, and wait patiently.
You will be linked to https://estudysource...ount/login.aspx
There you will be on a CUSTOMER LOGIN. Please log in with your previously used Email: and Password: exactly as you used when you obtained their PRODUCT KEY. or a second alternative, you can Log in, and create a new account, and purchase a new product key, and download the Bible.. There is also an option if you forgot your password to their website.
Because the Afrikaans 1983 Bible translation is under copyright, from the South African Bible Society, and because this translation is not in the public domain, this means that no one from BIBLESUPPORT.COM is permitted to legally share their personal copy with you. You will need to obtain your own authorized copy.
So contact eStudySource.com and request their help. They may be able to track your previous entries and previous correspondence, and provide you with the relevant email-address and product key, to initiate the download from inside e-Sword.

I checked, and see that the eStudySource.com no longer lists the Afrikaans Nuwe Vertaling as an available e-sword module.
Rick Meyers confirmed that the Afrikaans NV has not been available for purchase for a few years now. However, he also thinks those who previously purchased it are surely entitled to download it; thus, he included the ability to do so.

Could you track your previous email address which you used when you obtained the previous PRODUCT KEY?
My suggestion, is that you contact the South African Bible Society, and request them to provide you with a solution to your problem. Request your church group to support you with this request, if they are also using the 1983 Nuwe Vertaling. Perhaps you and your congregation will be able to convince the Bible Society to make more of their translations available through e-Sword as well. Then the world would be able to access their translation. If they provide the text, and footnotes, and introductions to the books in PDF format, I am sure BIBLESUPPORT.COM members would be prepared to assist the Bible Society with this request.
Take care,
Olaf Bacon

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