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The Wise Men of Christmas

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New Testament, Theology and 16 more...
The Wise Men of Christmas  
P. S. Wilmot  

The studying of the events surrounding the Birth of Christ, Such as the Wise men. It cannot be comprehended without an exposition of the reason for the events, which is the purpose we commemorate the Birth of Christ.

His birth was a great tiding to those who desired Him, but a great lost for those who rejecte...

Nowhere Circle

By astudyplace03, 29 November 2017 - * * * * * · 2,280 views
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P. S. Wilmot  

Through the desire of self, driven by willpower; Birthed a place of desolation.  
A place of rest without any rest.
A place of knowledge, but without sense.
A place of fulfillment, without satisfaction.
Living, but without life. Isolation to desolation.
Even in a desert place, Your living waters follow by grace.
Now i...

The Flesh, in short implication.

By astudyplace03, 10 September 2017 - * * * * * · 2,756 views
Christian Living
Some words are repeatedly heard in the congregation, though the expression is
well known, but its implication remains intangible.  

The flesh is personal abilities. The personal ability is the will of
the individual. This in itself does not bear wrong doing.
Nevertheless, a believer is called to believe in Christ. Hence, a
believer who no longe...


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Judging JUDGING  

The phrase judge not, should not be mistaken with the act of correction by discernment.  
To judge not, is in essence saying do not judge down upon an individual whereby lifting oneself above. However, to judge is not forbidden if it is to discern by pointing out an error, or discern in order to prevent a problem.  

The words of Christ to us...

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