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Why the Jews Don't recognise the Messiah

By DougAsmall, 05 August 2017 · 237 views

Scripture Old Testament
We all wonder why the Jews don't recognise Yeshua as the Messiah

First off we have to drop this notion of RELIGION Yeshua did not say I am a theory, he did not say once you have disproven me I will change into something else.

Lets get back to the Jews. The holy spirit has lead me to Ezra and the building of the 2nd temple

Now most people will say oh its because of the idolatry of making temple for the lord, I say to this could be but this is not the real reason.
Look at what is in the middle of the old city now and why the Jews cannot get to or even pray on what they believe is the temple mount.

There seem to be evidence that they all have it wrong and that is not the temple mount at all. In fact the platform is the old legion Barracks

Anyway back to what I have been lead to

The reason that the Jews do not recognise Yeshua, is that in Ezra
What did the Jews do to Anger the father as to Confuse his own children and to blind them
I say it is Ezra 4
Be peaceable and humble I will make you profitable and I will deliver your enemies into your own hand. You are to forgive them and accept them for they are your very own brother. Do you not hear your fathers heart beat.

Ezr-4/1 The enemies are delivered in to the hand of the Jews
Ezr 4/2 The enemies want to build with you and find your God. This is a exercise in team building of accepting one another.
Ezr 4/3  The Jews reject them tell them to go away. Hence rejecting the word of father when in the day that he delivered your enemies into your hand.
  The Jews in this one foul move deprived the father of his inheritance of the worship of his children seeking to find him and worship him.
From this point things get worse and they really become the enemy.

That is why there is a mosque on that hill behind those walls and the Jews are not allowed there.
That is why the Jews do not recognise their Messiah because they rejected the father in the day he was giving them a gift.

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