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What are we and where are we

By DougAsmall, 03 August 2017 · 1,568 views

*** Genesis Old Testament Whole Bible
To prove this in any way we need points of reference or datum's.

To make this quicker and more to the point I will accept that the Information that Jonathan Kleck has put forward is correct.
I have followed his work and it is supported by scripture and has foundation in the physical world.

Also I accept the findings of David Icke as these also appear to be correct. Also by having support in scripture and foundation in the physical
world. Although I do disagree with some of the findings with David Icke, most of his research is based on what we believe as recent scientific fact.  
The information I disagree with David Icke is his theories or research of the Demiurge as the lord God in the rabbinical teachings.
Meaning of the word Demi is; Secondary, Lower standing
Meaning  of the word Urge is; Force, also persecute, to press hard, to compel, drive, stimulate,slave
This would make Demiurge the same as eloheem; of the supreme God, by the very meaning of the word states it is not Origin.
I do not disagree that the Demiurge is the formulator of this world.

Where as the word Jehovah or H3068: Self existent or Eternal and Lord by extension origin the first, Alpha

These two points of reference are of polar opposites but they are essentially saying the same song.

Ok lets start in Genesis
In the beginning the Eloheem created(was contracted to form evidence(point out) of) the heaven and the earth
And the earth was without form (from an unused root meaning, to lie, a desolation)

So by the first two verses in the scriptures you have been told where you are.
You are on earth which is a lie a desolation

Now we know that Eloheem can not create they can distort and Manipulate into anything.
The only problem this has is that the meaning of a lie.
Meaning Lie: Untrue, Falsehood, Invert, unsupported, unfounded, dead, Confusion,

In essence if your foundation is a lie anything you create on it is a lie also.

I would just like to point out that your eye the back of it your retina see's the world upside-down an INVERT
It is your Mind control (Government) that turns it up the other way so you can perceive it.

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