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The Lam Of God

By DougAsmall, 01 August 2017 · 1,718 views

Whole Bible
As a very recent studier of the scriptures, I have noticed one thing. People are too keen to make the Script to complicated trying to twist and subdue the true meanings.

People will probably go crazy and tell me I'm all wrong here. But I don't really care about what other people think of me. This I what the spirit has lead me to believe.

The Scriptures are simple but you have to know what you are in to understand. We are in a duality, We have two books that was canonised by now what we have been told is the head of the serpent. These two books have been twisted so you cannot get the full picture of them both.

The Old Testament: Basically on the front face of the words it is so confusing to everyone and it puts people off. Made to look like lies, half truths and deceptive.
A feel good story and that's it. The milk for children. taken and badly translated from the source the Torah/ Targum. Written in Hebrew.
Not until you have E-sword a wonderful and awesome gift and the Targum Jonathan do you realise that how the script is put together and it comes to life. That is the word and you find the meanings there of and you understand.

The New Testament: Written in Greek at this time would be the opposing language to Hebrew. This book seems to me back ward written to the old testament.
   This book gives you the meanings and you have to find the word, a bit like a game of jeopardy.  Like the two books are mirror images of each other. So to me when you read the scripture or parables they are telling you the meanings of the words in Hebrew, The Lords chosen language. Especially when it comes to the lam of God.

We know by the new testament that we are to look to Daniel for guidance. In Dan 9 we are directed to look for the City that bares his name and these are the scriptures that lead us to the time of the second coming.
We know that Jerusalem is the concentration of the Vatican's desires, Where they want to build the third temple. Where the lord will make it a place of trembling of all those who concern themselves of it.
Look at the words that make up the name Jerusalem

H3384 phonetic: yaw-raw: primitive root; Properly to flow as water (That is to rain); transitively to lay or throw esp and arrow,( that is to shoot)figuratively to point out (that is if by aiming the finger) to teach, archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct , lay, shew, shoot, teach( -er , ing) through.

H7999; phonetic; Shaw- Lam: A primitive root: To be Safe, ( in mind body or estate) Figuratively to be ( Causatively make) Completed; by implication to be friendly; by extension to reciprocate( in various applications)-make amends, (make an) end, Finish, full, give again, make good, (re) pay (again)(make)(to)(be at) peace (-able) that is perfect , Perform, (make) prosper(-ous), recompense, render, requite , make restitution, restore, reward, X surely

I quote you: {We know by the new testament that we are to look to Daniel for guidance. In Dan 9 we are directed to look for the City that bares his name and these are the scriptures that lead us to the time of the second coming.]


Since you have recently begun to study the Scriptures for yourself, PLEASE let me offer one SIMPLE suggestion.


If you TRULY want to understand the TIMING of the second coming, then study the "TIME STATEMENTS" spoken of and the "AUDIENCE RELEVANCE" TO WHOM these "TIME STATEMENTS" were spoken to. Especially those spoken of by Jesus himself, Revelation 1:1, and Rev 22:6.


When Jesus spoke, he spoke DIRECTLY TO those people standing (or sitting) right in front of him! 


If you pick up a newspaper and the headline says "SNOW TONIGHT", what would be the FIRST thing you would do?


The FIRST thing I would do is check the DATE of the newspaper. If the newspaper is a week or a month old, would you STILL be looking for SNOWFALL TONIGHT?


The point is - check into the events of 70 AD.


The Religious Leaders of Jesus' time did not misunderstood the FIRST coming of the Messiah. The Religious Leaders of TODAY surely misunderstand the "second coming".


"WE" are the FINAL Temple.

Ray I totally concur we are not only in the last hour, that hour is in extra time.


We are at Dan 11:44


I give you Mathew 24/15 and Mark 13/14


The problem is what we call our religious leaders are in fact our deceivers as in the time of the Messiahs first coming

for they rejected him and most of his chosen vine still do.


The ones that knew the Messiah were not religious leaders these were humble people that he laid hands on and said pick up yourself and follow me, These were the people that had their eyes opened by the father.

These were not the rabbi of the time they were concentrating on money accumulation and deception


The problem with religion is the word itself

Father is not in religion

The meanings of religion is: Theology  this rules father out immediately Theology means theories. Theories change like fashion also like science when it has been proven wrong. Theology is the shifting sand. Do not build yourself on theology always look for facts.

You are told to have faith in the truth of the word.


I don't need to know the timing I want people to recognise the Lam of God Look at H7999.

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