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A Child Is Born

By Gary Timm, 25 December 2016 · 2,093 views

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A Child Is Born

Two thousand years ago, wisemen from the east would make a journey to seek a Gift given from heaven. This was a Promise set upon the clouds in the days of Noah, and a hope given to all mankind. It claimed an eternal covenant allotted by the Almighty Creator which was bestowed upon man in His mercy. A Child of God to be given… a Perfect Seed to be sown.

As the wisemen understood, this was no ordinary Child who they ventured to see. For upon God’s Promise came the hope for eternal life. The wisemen recognized its source and knew it well. It yielded a Lamp unto the darkness… a Star to guide their way.

This newborn was to be delivered unto a world of sin. His purpose we all have heard. To show mankind a path of salvation so that those who know Him may live and find an everlasting home. He would become the Messiah, a slaughtered Lamb, the Christ Child who would reveal God's Truths, becoming that perfect example and the One True Path.

But this story speaks not just of an account told within the past, or of a man called Jesus that lived 2,000 years ago. Nor is it merely a narrative which can only be read aloud and discussed with others. This is that Perfect Seed that lives within those who search and believe. It is that Perfect Gift given by God… a Present from our Creator upon the Tree of Life. It is that eternal Hope given to all who open their eyes, and who strain their ears to hear every Word He speaks as we follow along His path and walk with Him. This is the Spirit of God, given through Jesus, that speaks Wisdom unto our souls.

For just as the wisemen sought this Promise long ago, so too shall we find that same wisdom and God’s Holy Seed as we follow that Bright Star that leads to the east. And as this wonderful story seems to come around only once a year, what better time to express that Perfect Gift wrapped of God in giving the Seed of Life to others than during a season when we celebrate His birth and rejoice in Him.

Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given. But how great the joy to know He’s born within...!!

Blessings to all throughout the year…

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