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A Lamp Unto My Feet - Psalm 119:105

By Gary Timm, 01 January 2017 · 1,780 views

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A Lamp Unto My Feet (Psalm 119:105)

Whether you’re a long standing member in faith, or a new arrival, you have been led down this path, not by chance, but by the divine hand of God. And whether you have heard God’s voice, or not, the good Lord has reached down from heaven, extended His grace, and placed you upon a doorstep leading toward His kingdom. And regardless of if you’re aware of it, or not, you are either looking for, or have found a purpose for God within your life.

First off, let me congratulate and shake your hand. The journey placed before you has set you on a collision course with the Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth. It is a threshold without compare and offers the reward of, nothing less than, eternal life. For those willing to open their eyes, God will light a Lamp of knowledge and understanding like no other.

But before you sit back and get comfortable, thinking you've already arrived at your destination, let me warn you. There may be some flat tires and bumps along the way.

Although the good Lord’s intent is to guide us along His path—with its course straight and narrow—the unfortunate part is, we still reside upon planet earth. And with our sojourn here, it would seem we have an adversary who continually attempts to make that trip toward heaven unbearable. And though we may not always recognized his schemes, the devil abides at every fork in the road, changing roadsigns, taunting us with his deceptive practices, and giving us wrong directions as he misleads us into taking an alternate route to our final destination.

Let’s face it. Satan lurks everywhere and he is just searching for that opportune moment to impale us with his arrows and darts while he mocks us in laughter. And within this end time apocalyptic era, it seems his projectiles abound more than ever, and his cackling laughter grows louder with each day.

In fact, the earth has become nearly immune to diagnosing and curing the disease which engulfs it. With every passing moment, it falls deeper and deeper, taking another step further down that dark corridor of filth, bitterness, and strife. The words “war” and “hate” hang over us like some venomous plague, ringing out in successive entropy and disorder. From our waking hour, to our nightly slumber, there is no rest from their repetitious and penetrating message. And unless we are blind to God, it’s not hard to perceive this procedural death march gathering more and more members as the world continues to turn away from God. It sometimes seems we can only struggle to hold our heads above water. So we pretend not to notice, hurrying on our way, thinking that it will never affect us.

But upon this journey of faith, we should never be deceived. The darkness of Satan infiltrates our thoughts at every corner and at many times forces his evil upon us without us even knowing it. These elements of destruction have been placed upon this earth as a test for believers and a curse for those who have fallen and stepped away from the Almighty Creator. Still, it is our goal to make it to the other side. And without finding the Love of God in a world absent of such a concept, we may never find that eternal home.

Thus, the reason for giving thanks. For we can only find God’s Love by being thankful for the goodness He has given. And in all truth, we should be thankful. We are so fortunate to live within a modern-day era such as this. Never before in history have we been able to reach out to others around the world with such diversity and ease. Possessing incredible tools of the 21st century, we live in a time where powerful energy waves traveling upon invisible electrons can touch the ends of the earth. Including an invention called the Internet, our communications can now seamlessly circumnavigate the globe allowing us to see, hear, and feel the emotions of our fellow friends in Christ. Reaching far-off countries and remote villages, this device allows people to gather together online as a United Community of God to worship the good Lord and help others unlike ever before, and has allowed a freedom that many have come to desire.

It is by these means we can realize a reason to give thanks to God. And for that, we should bow before the good Lord and praise Him every single day. For without His divine intervention, mankind would never have been given the knowledge for these innovative designs. And without a place to openly speak God’s name, it would, otherwise, speak a horrendous evil, considering the darkness of Satan which would ultimately enshroud us all.

And thankfully there are websites such as this. Within the vast assets of God’s Word and the resources available here, we can find a wealth of wisdom that is unparalleled and untouched in comparison. I do not say these words merely to promote this website. I say this in testimony of God and what He has done in my life. For without avenues such as these, my life’s path may have taken many turns in the wrong direction. But as I’ve long since learned, if we are willing to search, God is willing to take our hand and lead us on that One True Path.

However, in giving credit where credit is due, I give my thanks for tools like e-Sword, and support sites like this with its curators, members, and visitors. And for those of you who have been veterans and longtime affiliates, I tip my hat in appreciation for all the hard work geared toward such a tremendous and outstanding site. The vast amount of e-Sword contributions, commentaries, Bible translations and dictionaries found here are truly amazing. It is a place of brothers and sisters in Christ, joining together in understanding and doing the work of God’s hands while implementing an unprecedented armament of scriptural wealth and assistance. And whether these assets and resources are free, or for a price, we should count our blessings and give wholeheartedly in thanks and donations.

God has His purpose for us all. Each and everyone of us has been given a choice. We can either be led astray by hatred and war, following a path of horrendous evil… or, we can search for that overflowing goodness of thanks and love that can only come from within. We cannot reach for both. God’s path does not reach partway, or end in the middle of a road. It is all, or it is nothing. Scripture mentions this quite clear… halfway to God merely allots us a title of lukewarm.

The Bible is the most extraordinary manuscript to ever grace the hands of mankind. Hopefully, man will never loose sight of this. Many of the greatest secrets of God are still locked away and hidden within its folds. And given these modern tools of technology, it is my opinion, the dust of centuries is about to be swept away as we dwell upon the brink of unlocking Bible mysteries like never before. Those undiscovered secrets of Revelation will no longer remain barren or secluded from the eyes of man as they once were. God is opening the windows of heaven and unloosing a time when the vaults of wisdom will be uncovered within a new era. All we have to do is open that Book of Life which we grasp within our hands, for it holds no wasted space. Every story has meaning. Each letter, a purpose. And that is what makes God that Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient Being that He is.

But all this learning has no meaning in the least unless we possess that inner desire of faith which swells from our souls. Without the yearning for God within ourselves, that core of godly understanding is merely lost unto another generation. It is only by that invisible ingredient of faith that we can reach that One True Destiny.

Most importantly, we must understand that God’s Book of Life extends to us all... to the weak, to the strong… to the rich and to the poor. We must read it everyday and search its truths. We cannot set it aside, nor think of it as just another book. For whatever our purpose, we dare never forget… the Secrets of Life are embedded upon its pages. And only by heeding those Words that speak inwardly to our heart, can we disperse God’s message to others, as God’s Lamp shines outwardly unto our feet.


Amen Brother

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