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From Church to church, etc, and eventually God's Word.

By rdlb, 21 May 2016 · 1,752 views

After my initial acknowledgment that there is a God, I entered into a interesting conundrum or enigma with people. Those Christians who then began to accept my newly found belief indicated that I had accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Frankly I had no real idea of just who He was, my acceptance was that there is a God. Others of whom I car pooled to work with dropped our friendship within a weeks time. I became an outcast to the worldly and perplexed with the new information provided by Christians.

I remembered my friend from college and the church that he attended. My wife agreed and we began to attend. Southern Baptist with a new minister and people that we knew from the small communities that we had grown up in. My brother and his wife also attended. We lived and breathed that Church and spent many hours with the pastor and his wife. Purchased KJV bibles and poured over scriptures. Attended classes on why be a Baptist, its history and belief system. Then while having conversations with my new Christians at work, they indicated that I needed to attend a full gospel church. After searching through the scriptures on the subject of "tongues". I found 1 Cor 14:39 "Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues." My wife and I were baptized in that church and I expected to come up out of the water speaking in tongues. That did not happen. My I asked my wife how she felt, her reply was "I just got wet". After church I met with the pastor in his office and asked him about that scripture. I was told that tongues ended at the closing of the canon of scripture. I indicated that Jesus was the same and had not changed. Then I asked him if he was going to forbid me to speak in tongues and he said yes. On our drive back home we began for the first time to feel God's presence upon us. We did not go back to that church.

We tried going to several of my new found Christian friend's churches. The ministers tried through the preaching to convince us to accept Jesus as our personal saviour. Coming down from the pulpit to where we were sitting. By that time we had come to an understanding of what that meant and had done so in our hearts. Why were they preaching that to us? We left and no longer attended.

We began to pray about finding a church to attend. One night after going to bed and sleep, I was woke up three times and was told to read my Bible by the Spirit. I laid my bible on its spine and allowed it to just open up. Three times that night, in three different places I was told to "come out of Egypt". I had no clue as to the understanding of it at that time.

We then began to attended the largest Assembly of God church in the area. 3000 plus with several services. We thought that this was finally the church to go to. Children's church for our daughter, young married classes for ourselves and wonderful music and hymns. Tongues and interpretations and messages about our God and Saviour. Prayer lines on certain nights and healings. We were excited to attend. After several months I began to notice some things in the interpretations, church doctrines and the preaching for money.  During one service we heard tongues and the interpretation, "come out of Egypt for my people cannot worship Me in Egypt".  It was very mournful and sad.  The minister's interpretation?  It was to buy more property to build a larger sanctuary.  As a tithe paying member of this congregation I did not feel God tugging at my heart for this.  Later that week I had a migraine so bad I went to the Wednesday night prayer meeting for prayer.  The lines were so long and I stopped the minister of prayer in the aisle and asked him to pray for me.  His response?  Get in line.  I could hardly walk,  the pain was so intense that my wife drove the car home.  That evening my wife laid hands on me and prayed, instantly the migraine left me thank God.  We began then to analyze the past several months of attendance, sermons and of course the tongues and interpretations.  "Come out of Egypt".

We left, no one called on us as to why we left.  I went to another Assembly of God in a different city and attended its service.  Tongues and interpretation?  Another mournful and sad "come out of Egypt for my people cannot serve and worship Me in Egypt".  I took it personally and for the entire congregation as well.  I never went back to another Assembly of God church.

The experiences had led me to conclude several things about God's Spirit.  He does speak to His people, His creation.  His interpretations cannot be changed to suit man.  God's Holy Writ is Who He is, John 1:1.  More and more as I searched the scriptures God began to open my understanding and quicken me to spiritually discern their meaning and application to my life.  I poured my self into the study of the KJV and individual word studies over the course of many, many months.  I attended two semesters of Koine Greek at the local college and a course in the literary criticism of the Old and New testament, (I failed the latter the instructor gave me a D anyway).  

Soon I was contacted by the mother of a best friend who asked me to talk to him about God.  She felt he had fallen into a "cult".  I found out where he worked and met with him to rekindle our former relationship.  He came to our home that evening.  I had my bible out and was prayed up for the task.  As we began to find out about our past lives from the last time we had met several years ago, I began to express what God had showed me in the Scriptures.  Interesting that he (Tom) was showing me more scriptures along the same line of thought.  The more I pressed Tom with scriptures the more he showed me similar scriptures.  Later Tom had to go and as he was leaving I said that he might be a false prophet and I had to be careful of what he had said.

Tom called on us to come over with a gift and if he could bring a friend.  We agreed for the following week, after all I/we needed to get prayed up for the visit.  When they arrived Tom and Rosalie gave us a "Cruden's Concordance".   Tom immediately went on the offensive and indicated how upset he was that I called him a false prophet.  Tom's question back to me?  Would a false prophet tell me to believe only the Word of God, only the scriptures and nothing else?  Would a false prophet tell me to seek only the spirit of God and not the spirit of man?  I was stuck with the only answer of, "no".  Tom told me of his testimony of God speaking to him one day that he had taken the Lord's name in vain.  Tom being raised a Southern Baptist from his youth had never "cussed" let alone used the Lord's name in vain.  He was quite distraught at God's audible reprimand to him.  A minister out on a Saturday found Tom at the city library and began to speak to him about God.  Tom did not want anything to do with God at that moment because of God's accusation of using the Lord's name in vain.  The minister pointed out that the Lord's name was the Word of God and the Word had not accomplished in Tom its intention of reconciliation, transformation and regeneration.  Tom's testimony became quite a revelation to me and I sought out where his church was.

Some cult!  I went alone, my wife was quite tired of trying so many different churches, doctrines and such.  That Sunday service was quite enlightening to say the least.  I questioned the minister a great lengths about scriptures that had been quickened to me.  His (Carl) responses were quite in-depth and I could sense a quickening within my spirit more of God's interpretations and not man's.  I also discovered other attendees had similar quickening of the Scriptures.  It was a small group of members all with testimonies of how God had led them as myself through the scriptures to be of one mind, one accord and in the same judgment.  We found a home, a church, a ministry within us.  Brothers and Sisters in and of the Lord.  We spent thirteen years there, I taught the older children of high school age, received my ministerial credentials and filled in for the pastor when on vacations.  Later we received a personal prophesy from God that soon we would be set on a new path.  We eventually left and over the course of many years now have discovered our ministries and do our best to serve our Lord God and Saviour in and through His Word.

WOW!!!!!!  I had just tried to get someone to respond to my cry. Would you please take a look at what I had wrote in a Blog under "Holly Ghost Judgement" You will find it at the end or near the end. Please keep in mind I am not so computer savvy. I came back here to start a "Blog" but I don't see how to do it. But I did find you here. And I hope you will read my past and what I am looking for today.. I humbly ask if you will share with me. I would love to share some of what I have found in my studies. I have been down a lot of the same road that you spoke of here. I had curled up on the floor of my living room so many times in the past looking for a gift that was not for me.... but was given a much better one for myself and the road God had for me.


My wife and I both are searching for fellowship but as you have found there are so many doctrines that are not of God and deceptions are so much easier to find. One has to be anchored in the Word and solid in their faith but still growing. Realizing that to not grow is spiritual death. I would love to be sharpened. I hope that you are from or near this area and that we will be able to share our faith. I don't know if one is allowed to tell what city we live near here or not.. I don't want to get kicked of here, as I said this is all new to me.. May God direct your reply and may His Spirit reveal my intensions to you..

I do not know which area that you live in, however I am in Northern Utah.  NOT LDS. For the most part I/we are computer savvy.  As to the Word of God?  I have found that everything the Bible indicates about "the Word" has led us to a deeper walk in the spirit.  We have come out of Egypt (human wisdom), spent quite sometime in the wilderness, (Deut 8:2, 6) and are in the process of securing our place in the promised land. (Heb 12:22-24)

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