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In the Beginning Atheist to Believer

By rdlb, 15 May 2016 · 1,979 views

I was raised going to Church on a intermittent basis attending various denominations throughout my early youth.  As an avid reader of anything at even a young age I read the Bible (KJV), all of the Seventh Day Adventist Bible stories and Uncle Arthur's bedtime stories,(Parents bought the whole set but did not attend), and the World Book Encyclopedia.  Over the years I eventually was baptized in the Lutheran Church at 14, attended a Southern Baptist with a friend during my first year of college.  Still no great feeling of touching God or Him touching me.  I got married, received a notice from Nixon and joined the Army.  Those latter two experiences began to change my belief in a God.

I could not get married in the Catholic Church without taking classes and becoming "Catholic".  We were married in a Presbyterian Church instead.  That a Priest would deny us a marriage and be called a Father became one of the disturbing things about a "church".

Then, I spent a year in Vietnam.  I witnessed far too much violence what man can do to man.   And prompting the question, Why did a God allow this?  Upon my return to the rest of my service I called many church leaders to answer this question much to my dismay.  I then convinced my wife that there was no God and spent my time reading books to support my new Atheistic belief system.  I began to persecute anyone who believed in a God with my new found information from these books.

Several years went by drugs, alcohol and what ever else I could do to mask myself from any source of comfort I indulged myself in.  Sadly neglecting my wife, child and job of the which I was about to lose all of them.  As a requirement of the job I had to attend with other workers a class put on by the AA.  We watched a movie put on by of all things the RCC.  In the film I began to see myself in the abusive nature towards my self and others with my lifestyle.  

Within my work area were many Christians of whom I enjoyed making fun of and arguing through my philosophies concerning "no God".  After attending this AA film, I returned to my work area full of myself and declared mockingly that "the film was right up their alley".  They began again to express to me that I needed to get right with God.  Then my famous last words to them, "there is no way in Hell that you can get me to believe in a God!"  The look on their faces and the look and tears in the eyes of one young woman who said to me, "I feel very sorry for you." struck me hard.  It struck me deep inside my soul as I left them standing there I began to question again, "is there a God?"  

Interesting that over the course of several hours, as I pondered His existence, an overwhelming desire to find the operator of the AA film and pray with him.  I only knew the Lord's prayer and we prayed that together.  I felt a great load lift off of my shoulders, an excitement flooded my soul.  I then went back and expressed to some I worked with my conversion to a believer.  I went home and expressed to my wife the same and that I was saved. She was relieved that I believed in a God with some reservations.

More entries within this blog will cover what has transpired over the many decades since, including some of my core beliefs and exegesis of scripture.

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