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New To e-Sword Bible Software?

By APsit190, in e-Sword 29 June 2016 · 2,779 views

This blog is aimed at newbies of e-Sword, of those who have never heard of and used e-Sword before it was either given to them or downloaded by them. And if you fit in that category of users, then this blog is just for you, and one you need to read.

The e-Sword interface
e-s_All 1030.PNG

A Kind of Introduction
From my perspective, e-Sword is the most simplest Bible program I've used, and I don't think there is a Bible program that can match e-Sword for simplicity of design and ease of use. Having said that, this program has a great deal of features in it, which makes Bible Study a pure joy to do. And to be honest, because this program is really simple to use, and as such, I don't use any other Bible program, as it has everything which meets my needs.

This program is so feature rich, and the layout of the interface is extremely straight forward, that all the resources are less than three clicks of the mouse to get to them. There is no scrolling of the mouse to find a resource you want. Bibles, Dictionaries, and Commentaries are easily accessible by clicking on the tab of a dictionary, a commentary, or a Bible translation you want. Add to that, there are an overwhelming number of both official and third party free resources for e-Sword you can download. For e-Sword's official free resources you use the built in download manager. For the bulk of third party resources, this is the place where you come to get them.

A Sort of Chapter One
OK, never used this program before, and I assume that this is probably the first time (or maybe the second or third time) opened e-Sword, and you may need a bit of help of how to do a few things. So, here is some great news for you. e-Sword has a really excellent User Guide. Well, saying its a User Guide is really an understatement; its really more like a User Manual which has 254 pages. Anyway, this User Guide is your first port of call for any help you need to learn how to do something in e-Sword. This guide is really well illustrated with a ton of Graphics to show just how its done. Josh Bond (not related to 007 James Bond, despite that he may like to think he is :lol: ), the bloke who compiled this User Guide, has do
really done a superb job in putting it together, and has made it a real breeze to read and follow the instruction.

Something else you can do to learn to navigate this program is to thoroughly explore it. Play around the interface by resizing the windows, and dragging them anywhere on the screen. Open all the dialogs you can find, and see what they are about. And when doing that, use the User Guide to see how you can use them.

Another way you can explore e-Sword and find out more about it, is by a really fantastic e-Sword PowerPoint slideshow, which you can download. And the beaut part of it, you don't have to have Microsoft Office's PowerPoint to run it as it is a standalone PowerPoint.

A Type of Chapter Two
Right! In the Intro I mentioned the free resources available for e-Sword, and where and how you can get them. These would have to be the biggest seller of e-Sword. What is available for this program is totally mind boggling. Just looking at the Download section on this site, of what is available for this program makes it a very powerful Bible Study tool.

But that's not all.

There also is a number of premium (paid) resources available why you can purchase. These resources are extremely reasonably priced, of which when compared to prices of the same resource for other Bible Programs, one would think that these are a real bargain.

I trust this little bit of information proves helpful to you. And moreover, that you have the best journey in using this program.


I would like to display two different Bible portions in separate windows so that I can compare. For example, Genesis 1 and John 1. Or John 2 and John 3. Is there a way to do this?

You can start a second e-Sword program at the same time.

e-Sword has no special analyse tool for different chapters.

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