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e-Sword 10.1 Released

e-Sword 10.1 has been released.

10.x Users: Note the small update for 10.x users

9.x Users: You must download the first download package--the full download package

7.x-8.x Users: Please upgrade to 10.1, as BibleSupport is dropping support for these versions.
  • This update includes images support for Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Devotions. So now modules can be created that support these features. FYI: there is not a way for the user to insert these images through the e-Sword interface. These modules will still be created by third party tools.Brent, the author of Tooltip NT,  says he will revise his program to work with images in these modules.
  • Better non-ascii character support. Tools like Scripture Memory, Analyze Verses, etc., will now work correctly for Spanish, German, Swedish, etc
  • Module Makers: The display order of multiple comments for a single verse is now based on the order the comments were inserted into the database. My sincere thanks for Rick for this new feature!
  • A new "news popup" screen will apparently appear within e-Sword when new modules are available through eStudySource.com, or possibly other official e-Sword related news.


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